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Jennifer Blundell set up Yalla! Translate in 2014 whilst studying for an MA in Applied Translation Studies at the University of Leeds. She has worked on both a professional and a voluntary basis for a number of agencies and direct clients since 2013. She also has translation experience at the United Nations Office at Vienna (English Publishing and Library Section) and at the European Parliament (English and Irish Translation Unit and Editing Unit). 


Her work includes medical reports and journal articles, academic research papers and abstracts, cook book excerpts, commercial websites, architectural studies, electrical product descriptions, audio files of interviews for an international sporting event, marriage and death certificates, environmental news articles and comparative literature journal articles.


Samples of Jennifer's work and full references are available on request.

“[Jennifer Blundell] was very quick to grasp the unit’s technical procedures and workflow arrangements, working autonomously from this point of view within a short time of arrival. Ms Blundell showed herself to be efficient, well organised and punctual; she never failed to meet editing deadlines and was proactive in foreseeing workflow needs and potential problems. Where linguistic correction is concerned, Ms Blundell showed herself to have a good grasp of syntax, style and register, as well as an appreciation of the need to tread the fine line between under- and over-editing. She was adept at finding neat solutions to cumbersome original wording, demonstrated excellent research skills and coped well under pressure.”
Helen Swallow, Head of Editing Unit, European Parliament
"Ms Blundell showed a masterful grasp of register and tone and an excellent ability to render nuance. She has a very solid comprehension of her source languages. She learned about the technical systems used in the translation unit extremely quickly and proved herself to be an able and meticulous researcher. She is a highly talented translator and a very pleasant colleague. It was a pleasure to have her in our team and I can recommend her services as a translator unreservedly."
Sally Reading, Chief of English, Publishing and Library Section, United Nations Office at Vienna
“Through her work, Jennifer has demonstrated her professionalism and translation skills to a high level, and has always delivered quality work on time. We greatly value her collaboration with us and can recommend her as a skilled and qualified translator.”
​​Marta Font Espriu and María Teresa Vera Rojas, Co-Directors of 452°F, Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
"I very much appreciate the quality [Jennifer Blundell] brought in terms of translating/transcribing/proofreading skills, level of English, football knowledge and speed-of-delivery. Our workflow strictly requires candidates who can work under pressure and adapt to our innovative workflow and latest technology. I am pleased to confirm that Jennifer truly is one of those people."
Remy Wigmans, Head of Translations - FIFA World Cup 2014, Manager CFL Media Services
"Jennifer, whom I met at the European Parliament, translated the website for my business from French into English. I am very grateful for her perfect command of English, her sense of style and her accuracy in rendering a translation that fulfils its purpose perfectly – that is, to promote my business and to make it more accessible to an international audience. I have recommended Yalla! Translate to several friends who were looking for English translation services, and, given the unwavering quality of Jennifer’s translations, I will continue to do so!"
Louis Tarpin, Freelance Translator and Owner of AltTrad [Translated from French]
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