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Who does your translations?


Yalla! Translate is currently a one-woman show, and all projects are managed and completed by Jennifer Blundell. She is highly qualified and experienced and has spent time living in cultures where her languages are spoken, as this an essential step to really understanding a language. She translates from Arabic, French and Spanish - if you wish to discuss translation work in any other language, however, she would be happy to provide recommendations or act as a mediator with other freelance translators. All translations handled by Yalla! Translate are done by individual, qualified freelancers and are never subcontracted to agencies. All translations are also done only by native speakers of the target language, meaning that you get a text that is smooth, natural and genuine.


What differentiates you?


Our core values are professionalism, honesty and communication. We believe that all of these are necessary to create a happy working relationship between the client and the translator. We never send out a translation with which we are not completely happy, and we never take on a translation unless we are sure that we have established exactly what the client wants from the text. The translation process should be a partnership, with the translator responding to and foreseeing the client’s needs and the client communicating their desires and trusting their translator.


We also embrace modern technology and translation tools. We are happy to handle a variety of file formats and we are willing to collaborate on projects involving machine translation. Most jobs are processed using memoQ 2014, which enables us to offer discounts for repetitions and translation memory matches, where applicable.


In addition to the need for language expertise, we feel that a thorough understanding of the source culture is essential to understanding each text, particularly with literary and creative works. A strong network of cultural and technical contacts is also key, as the ability to consult professionals in the given field and mother tongue speakers of the source language enables us to handle tricky terminology and nuanced cultural references quickly and accurately.


What are your rates?


As with every professional service, our rates are tailored to each project and are dependent on a number of factors, including the language combination, the deadline required, the size of the document, the number of repetitions and the subject field. Discounts are available for large projects and translation memory repetitions, and extra charges may apply for weekend and evening work and for rush jobs. For more information or for a tailored quote, get in touch via our Contact form.


How quickly can you do my translation?


The speed at which we can turn around a translation depends on several factors, primarily the language combination, the subject field, the number of words and the speed with which we receive the source text from the client. We strive to deliver each file as soon as possible. If you require a particularly tight deadline, we are happy to accommodate; however, we may be required to charge an additional fee for rush jobs.

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